First Paper Drops: 6/15/2021

Our Approach: Produce well-researched, evidence-backed, long-form deep dives exploring relevant (and at times, controversial) topics.

Our Goal: To disseminate perspectives on the systemic impacts of developments within the intersection of technology, finance, and geopolitics.

Our Thesis: The recent rise of discontent, disenfranchisement, and division, can be misconstrued as isolated, singular events operating in a vacuum. However, when taking a systemic lens, we notice a global, interconnected political, economic, and technological apparatus where levers adjusted in one arena proliferate through the system. This butterfly effect is magnified through globalization, a hegemonic economic system, and the increased interconnectedness of people via technological platforms.

The emergence of COVID-19 serves as a reminder of the benefits and disadvantages of our global system. While technological ingenuity, mass government action, and private market focus rapidly brought vaccines to market, we saw a widening of disparity between the haves and have-nots on economic and nationalistic fault lines.

Given this context, we aim to comprehensively examine current events and trends to explore the localized impact and higher-level implications. In doing so, we hope to arm our readers with an innovative and insightful perspective into what requires reform and reimagination to forge a more sustainable, equitable world.

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